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Tigers R Sexah

Now, I know that someone’s recapped a scene from the Legend of Zelda badfic “My Inner Life” before, but the passage below is just so goddamn strange it deserves its own special mention.

It all starts when Link and his wife Jenna (the Mary Sue narrator) go to a “bonding ceremony” designed to bring them closer together. So after a couple of acts which include drinking urine among other things, they have a “sexual bonding.”

Strong intense feelings raced threw my body, raced threw my bones.
"Oh....my Goddesses....Link..more baby.....LINK!"

I grabbed onto the ground my nails digging into the dirt as Link's fingers made my body scream in eternal bliss.
Then a strong feeling surged through my body, a feeling so intense that I screamed out Link's name as I peaked then had huge orgasm.

And now, note how many references to tigers there are in the passage below:

Fighting for the strength, I screamed out in loud cat cries as I turned tigress. I forced my trembling body up against his. Desperately trying to reach a second peak. I clawed deeper into his back as I cried out loudly like a tiger in heat. My back arced as I pushed in unison with his thrusts.
       Then I felt myself starting to climax again. I cried out to Link, grunting like a female tiger to urge him on. He returned my calls as cat like sounds escaped passed his lips. Then I felt him beginning to climax again. We thrust against each other, our bodies trembling while crying like tigers mating as we came to a full climax and exploded together one last time.

There’s also another misspelled word that completely changes the meaning of the sentence further below:

With one last gasp we fell to the ground painting...

The characters leave their ceremony wearing “bondage bracelets,” which sounds much dirtier than it actually is.
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